Gupta Amygdala Retraining™ really is just anxiety treatment


Ashok Gupta’s “Which tools to use when?” (see gupta-nov-2013-newsletter) is about when to use the various Gupta Amygdala Retraining™ techniques. It is 1,374 words long and this is the number of times the following words appear:

Anxiety 4
Anxious 1
Fear 1
Worries 6
Worrying 3
Worry 1

Here are some examples:

Amygdala Retraining: “Spend a couple of minutes at Step 3, really speaking to the anxious parts of yourself, soothing and calming down any anxiety using self -love.”

Distraction: “Please make sure you have engaging enjoyable distractions that you can put your mind into at Step 7 and throughout the day, to stop your mind going back to worrying about your body.”

Soften and Flow: “If you have pent up emotions such as anxiety, or a constant stream of worries, or tension in the body, then experiment with using the Soften and Flow exercise, or another relaxation exercise.”

Amygdala Retraining Accelerator: “If you have a particularly stubborn thought or fear pattern that will not go away, then use the Accelerator on these patterns.”

Mindfulness: “Become aware of when you have got lost in worries or over-thinking.”

This is probably useful for people who suffer from anxiety, but it won’t treat real MCS for the same reason it won’t treat measles or a broken leg.



  1. I respectfully disagree. I refer you to my blog, but I am not willing to get in a fight. Thank you.

    • You wrote on your blog:

      The important thing is to not make connections between the perfumes and air fresheners and how you are feeling. In the Gupta program you learn how to break that connection by identifying your negative thoughts and learning to stop the cycle which those thoughts create. The program is all about breaking the cycle of reaction by breaking the cycle of negative thoughts. Ashok (Gupta) often tells people to talk about their recovery in terms of breaking an adrenaline cycle.

      People with real MCS get just as sick from perfumes and air fresheners whether they make a connection between exposure to them and their symptoms or not. Real MCS reactions have nothing to do with negative thoughts – people can think positively about a chemical exposure or not think about it at all and still get symptoms from it. MCS is not caused by an adrenaline cycle.

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