German translation

Thank you to Silvia K. Müller for this German translation: ‘Gupta, Hopper, MCS und die Angst’, with a letter about the Swiss seminar with Annie Hopper that gives a different impression to the one given here:



  1. brainfan

    Annie Hopper is even worse than Gupta. Her timetable of when she allegedly acquired MCS; the time it took her to figure it out; the time it took her to allegedly try all of the treatments; then discover so-called neural retraining and start her business with it . . . all within such a small time-table. Her “explanation” is a joke, to be polite. She fits right into what a British writer described as life-coaches seizing the scam, which is what she was and what she’s done.

    People who expect to get a reaction to every single chemical out there instead of expecting their illness to evolve, and live in fear because of it, may get some relief with one of these programs, or with traditional CBT. But when people spend years uplifting their lives and winding up moving to the desert or whatever they’ve done to remove the chemicals from their lives, their “sudden” improvements are a physiological result of their diligent avoidance, not the psychological mind-games of Gupta and Hopper.

  2. This, on Planet Thrive’s site: ” **As of April 11, 2012, Planet Thrive is participating in an affiliate program for the Dynamic Neural Retraining System™” To me, from my research of affiliate programs and products to use on my own blog, this means PT are paid a percentage for each person who purchases a set of ‘treatment’ DVDs after clicking on a GUPTA link; therefore, the information provided is of a bias nature. Pity, I’m so desperate I could ALMOST pay money for a quick cure; I guess I’ll just have to keep on trying what I KNOW works!

    (If this has been the answer for a small subset of people with MCS symptoms, I’m happy for them, but for people who’ve been tested and shown to have immunological/toxicological responses, then it’s insulting to suggest this is the answer (and expect people to pay money for it!))

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